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Minicat is a DAO project combining Dfi + Charity. We will enable more people to join our stray cat foundation and the construction of cat rescue station through defi empowerment. Mini cat will include minicattoken, catswap, NFT's production platform and trading auction center, stray cat fund donation platform.

  • NFT Foundry
  • NFT Mining
  • Auctions
  • NFT Marketplace
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Ambassador Program

In order to promote the development of Minicat global community, now we are recruiting volunteers from all around the world. We will choose 10 from all the volunteers acting as Minicat ambassadors, looking forward to everyone who is enthusiastic about Minicat o joining us! Minicat is an open-source project, advocating for the spirit of decentralization, openness, freedom and evolution. Community is the soul of Minicat, and Minicat Ambassador is the guide to community development for all members.

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Our Token

Minicat Token


Minicat Token is the LEGO in the DeFi world which differs from MAKER DAO, COMPOUND, YFI and even the recent SUSHI in diversity, creativity and fairness. We hope that Minicat will be a work of art in the world of blockchain which represents freedom, equality, openness and innovation.


One click casting platform of minicat NFT.

NFT Casting

Minicatnft generates token by enabling mining.

NFT Mining

NFT trading and auction center in minicat.

NFT Market

3% dividend.

Dividend Pool

Catswap is a faster, more convenient and more efficient token trading platform.


Stray cat fund donation platform.

Stray cat Foundation

Adoption is Right

At the dawn of lights, in this prosperous world, there are endless cars and hurried people. I don't know if you noticed them walking by the side of the road. Maybe there are homeless people in the dark corner, trembling in the cold wind and nowhere to hide in the heavy rain, or the pain you and I don't know happens to this weak person.

Please take a little precious time to pay attention to these little lives!

Friendship Foundation

Minicat is a complete governance token

We hope that it can spread around the world.

Pre sale purchase

Token Allocation

Name: Minicat Token

Symbol: Minicat

Total supply 1000,000,000,000

Burn: 94%

Team: 1% 

Airdrop: 0.4

Seed sale: 3.6

PCS liquidity: 1%

Transaction Fees: 10

(4% marketing, 3% return, 3% cash dividends)

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Our Process

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2022 Q1
  • Treasureland Optimization
  • BEP 908 Protocol Closed Testing
  • Applying for Polkadot Grants
  • Dividend System (Reward Pool) Closed Testing
  • CatSwap
2022 Q1
  • NFT Lending
  • Testnet Testing (Phase 3)
  • BEP 908 Protocol in Polkadot
  • Treasureland INO
  • Node Testing
  • White writing
  • Official website online
  • Launch on PinkSale
  • BSC Module Launch
  • BSC Airdrop
  • Celebrity promotion, CMC, CG listing
  • BSC NFT Mining
2022 Q1
  • Testnet Testing (Phase 1-2 )
  • NFT Crosschain Development
  • Treasureland R&D: Crosschain Development
  • Dwitch Beta Testing
2022 Q1